The “P” Word: How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Period

Great advice … keep the conversation going!


by Keisha Bell, MD, MS

When I think about the future conversations I’m not excited about having with my now 6 year-old, her menstrual cycle is 3rd on the list under death/dying and the birds and the bees. Across cultures, the “period talk” is probably one of the talks that is frequently ignored because it makes us uncomfortable. The period signifies a girls’ transition into young womanhood. This also means that your baby is growing up and can now bear children, which is the scariest part by far. When I think about it, however, I would rather that I have the conversation with my daughter about what to expect, rather than to have her be taught by her friends or not at all, which is worse.

So, what do we say? When, where and how do we have this conversation? The average age that most girls get their period is…

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