Shit Happens

“You know, Mom, at times like this I really admire you.”

So much about what we’d like to achieve as parents can be summed up in this one statement. Love that dear friend, SallySmart, shared this moment with all of us. Let us remember to not overlook them, when we are so gifted by our own children.

Sally Vardaman

This past year was one of great professional stress, and I determined not to carry it into 2015.  When I did find resolution in October, it came in a better manner than I could have imagined.  While I made some contributions to the outcome, I assure you luck was the prevailing factor.

When the dust settled, I was stunned to find my life relatively drama free for the first time in years.  My kids are at great ages in which they are relatively dependable, responsible and communicative, but haven’t begun to hate me.  Life still has plenty of stress, but a bit less overwhelming.

So I have been thinking to myself often, I really need to enjoy this.  Really.  And I dare not feel entitled to its continuation.  Sometimes we get to a good place and assume it to be a part of a long and steady trajectory.  We…

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