Southern Pride

“You will not reform it. You cannot make it mean something else. Let it go.” Sallysmart has written the words that have been trapped in my soul this week and as a sister-southerner, it’s my honor to share them here.
I’m proud to be a Mississippi girl and I’m aware of the burden of history that’s juxtaposed with my pride – and willing and able to carry it. I have a responsibility to embrace both in a way that befits my upbringing, my raisin’ and I intend to. Thankfully, Sallysmart just got me over a rare, speechless hump.

I do love me a smart girl.

Sally Vardaman

In a short time a sweeping change has taken place in the Deep South.  Sentiment for removing the Confederate flag as a present day representation has never been so strong.  But detractors remain.  The ones I know personally are also people I have known to be deeply compassionate and kind.  This is my letter to them.

When one flies this image, what does it celebrate?  The only defense I hear is that it does not represent racism.  But what meaningful value worthy of our pride does it symbolize?  I’ve asked and gotten no response.  How can we cling to a symbol by shouting only what we claim it ISN’T?

It’s time to let it go.


I am thankful to be from the Deep South.  Living in the Midwest for 14 years has only strengthened my understanding of my heritage.  There are beautiful parts of Southern culture few people see…

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