All About Girls is Here!

All About Girls

Hello world … All About Girls has arrived!  We’re looking forward to sharing interesting, educational and down right compelling girl news with you!!

To give y’all a bit of background, while serving as a crisis pregnancy Peer Counselor, our founder identified significant gaps in puberty education for girls which were and still are a significant contributor to the astronomical rates of teen pregnancies and high risk behaviors.  The need for current, factual, and accessible information and outreach was clear.  All About Girls was established in March 2009 and through our workshops and presentations, we’ve reached 122 girls and their moms by providing education on important topics surrounding puberty, relationships, sexuality, and substance abuse.  We currently host a Facebook audience of more than 700 and our Twitter followers are increasing daily.  We’re honored to work alongside many amazing girl-focused organizations and though our mission is gender based, we realize the importance of educating all young people — we regularly give the boys and dads shout outs — and those who care about them.

Thank you for joining us here and please let us know what you think and what you’d like to hear more about!

(Above is our signature daisy logo, created by good friend and renowned Arizona artist, Frank Ybarra. A pop of colors, a dash of whimsy and a tag line that says it all!)